A few words from our wonderful clients:

During the time of my physical therapy I got to know Rob and Brian and a bit about their families. Fully rehabilitating a 62-year-old from a traumatic knee injury was no small feat. Not only are they skilled and dedicated therapists, but they are fine young men with strong family values and high morals. Everyone in the practice shares the same values and they work as a highly functional team committed to patient improvement.

I am now pain free and back to golf and exercising as before my injury–pretty good for a 62-year-old!

Mike Kluse

At Three Rivers Physical Therapy I found myself working with a thoroughly professional staff that treated more like family than a patient. They impressed me with their understanding of what it would take to make me better, but it was their encouragement and positive reinforcement that helped me most. I looked forward to my appointments. Three Rivers gets my highest recommendation.

Dale Gergely

I am forever grateful to Eric Harrison and all the staff at Three Rivers Physical Therapy. Their expertise provided me with pre- and post-surgical care that made my recovery quicker than I ever imagined.

There were times when I had to force myself to come in for appointments because of the discomfort I was experiencing after a total knee replacement. Yet, with each visit the therapy and encouragement I received greatly improved my mental attitude and gave me more physical strength and endurance.

My discharge day is coming soon which will be a day of tears of joy and sadness for me. Joy because I am able to work again and enjoy my daily life pain free and sadness because I will miss seeing the friendly smiling faces of the staff who have always been more than professional with their care and kindness.

Thank you for all the TLC you give daily.

Debbie Pietro

Previously when I heard individuals speak of physical therapy, I envisioned injury or surgery on an illness/disease. In other words, ‘pain’. After my time at Three Rivers Physical Therapy, I think in terms of a positive approach to strengthening the body, as well as restoring the inner being. Each staff member is a well trained professional who treats each client with a caring and a supportive attitude.

The entire staff took an interest in me as an individual. Three Rivers is a modern, clean facility with a variety of excellent equipment to meet each clients’ needs. Clients are initially evaluated in a private room followed by a discussion of the approach for therapy. The client is then moved into the gym for his/her individual program.

The heart of the clinic lies in the positive attitude that flows from every member of the staff. Laughter is always in the air and I’ve often heard “laughter is the best medicine”. I would definitely recommend Three Rivers and I look forward to each appointment and leave in a happy frame of mind. Eric Harrison is great!

Geri Walters

The entire staff at Three Rivers Physical Therapy is professional and personable. From the time I entered the front door until I left following my therapy, the staff was always welcoming and friendly. I’m extremely pleased with the progress I made. The knowledgeable staff designed and implemented a treatment program specifically tailored to meet my specific needs.

Two things set Three Rivers Physical Therapy apart from other PT groups. The first is their attention to detail and their individualized treatment plans. The second is their eagerness to educate the patient as part of the treatment. They want the patient to understand the mechanics of their rehabilitation and they share the patients’ goal(s) of returning to the best activity level possible. I would absolutely recommend them.

Mary Shaw

It has been a pleasure to know all the staff at Three Rivers Physical Therapy. They have raised the standard of care for patients, and unfortunately I’m not sure anyone else will ever quite match them! Helping people heal is so much more than instructions and exercises–it’s genuinely caring for them and loving what you do. The staff clearly love what they do, and the impact of that on their patients’ progress is unmeasurable. I am grateful to them more than I can adequately express here. I thank them for their love and commitment. My lumbar spine thanks them too!

Maureen Lyon

My experience at Three Rivers was exceptional. You are treated like royalty from the moment you step through the door. Everyone has the magical ability to be professional, warm and friendly all at the same time. This is rare in my previous experiences!

The staff members are knowledgeable; courtesy always is shown to patients; they are friendly and chatty with those who want to talk, but respectful of silence with those who didn’t; they are helpful in answering questions and encourage home exercises; they provide good pep talks when necessary; and always are encouraging efforts made by patients. I never saw or heard anything negative or harsh spoken. Also, the staff can relax and crack jokes, and it does not detract them from being thoughtful medical professionals. I would absolutely recommend them and I cannot say enough good things about them!